Ever since Christian Holstein first came to Japan in 1897, the name Holstein has stood for the transfer of commodities and technology from Germany to Japan. Holstein stands to this day for international understanding, German-Japanese friendship and the extension and intensification of mutual economic and trade relations. The Holstein family has been continuously present in Japan from 1897 until today. Nowadays Holstein is managed in 3rd generation by a family member.

Since foundation of C. Holstein Company in Kobe in 1919 and H. Holstein & Co. in Hamburg in 1932, Holstein has supplied products and technologies within the field of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetic, optics and machines from Germany to Japan (references 1940). Today the activities of Holstein can be generally summarised under “Health Care”. Even today Holstein still represents leading German and European manufacturers in Japan (references 2008), whereby Holstein focuses mainly on medium-sized companies.

Nowadays Holsteinīs business operations can be divided roughly into the following fields

Holstein also offers consulting services for various areas. Holstein arranges import and export handling for the despatch of products. As a further business operation apart from Health Care, Holstein offers products and services for the ceramic and sanitary industry.